Last meeting of the year!!!!!!

This last meetin will be in a room to be decided, at 6pm. We will have elections then BEE THEEERRREE.

Another Feb meeting

Meeting tonight in SSC 1202 at 6pm, we will mess around with the games we are working on, and talk about a open house in march, along with the inevitable springfest.

Meeting Feb

Meeting tonight at 6pm, room to be posted when it is known. We will talk about the game jam from earlier, upcoming events, and our game(s). Hope to see you there!


Meeting TONIGHT! SSC 1202, at 6pm. Things will be discussed! YOU SHOULD GO!

Production goes into high gear, We talk HALLOWEEN.

This week we are meeting in the student success center, room 0203 (again). Basically, go to the basement of the SSC and walk towards the cafateria. When you are close to the Student Government, the door facing you in that hallway is the conference room we are in.

We will discuss our game, the progress made, our protagonist and his(her? I think we settled on her) abilities. When the officers have all assembled, we will assemble and organize the Halloween event.

Fourth Meeting of the year.

This week's meeting will deal with the preparation of our

this Thursday. As far as I know, we are in 1201, if not, look in 1202 or 1203. The meeting starts at 6 like usual.

Once we are done, we will work on the game. If you have a laptop, bring it. If you don't, we'll show you how you can work on a lab or home computer.

Since we didn't discuss it last week, we are going to discuss Spelunky still. You should play it, it is WONDERFUL

We hope to see you there.

Third Meeting

UPDATE:: Due to a scheduling snafu, we are in room 0012 in the Engineering building.

The third meeting will be at the SSC, in one of the 1200 series rooms (1201, 1202, 1203). The time is Tuesday, Sept 18th, at six, like usual. We will be talking about GIT, how to set it up, how to use it, implications, etc.

The game for this meeting will be spelunky. You should play it. It is good.

If you have not already, you should download Unity and start playing around with it. Read some tutorials, start learning the buttons, get your hands dirty.

Also, if you haven't already, you should do what needs to be done to look at the game design doc and leave feedback. That doc will drive how we do stuff in the future, you will want a say on that. The steps to take are in the post below.

We hope to see you there.

Second Meeting

The second meeting of the year is Tuesday, Sept 11th, 2012. The room will be SSC 1202 (or maybe 1203, check both).

We will be discussing Super Crate Box. If you haven't played it, we recommend snagging it on steam or their official website. Your contribution to the discussion would be greatly enhanced if you play the game before the meeting.

Also to be discussed is our plans for this year's game, which is a haunted house themed platformer. You are welcome to contribue to this discussion here. You will need an activated and otherwise working forum account to view the files. Please eemail us when you create an account so we can activate it!

The next game for discussion will be "A Nation of Wind"

We hope to see you there.


Our first meeting is TONIGHT at 6pm in the student success center, room 1203. A reminder, the game for the discussion tonight is SUPER CRATE BOX.

We hope to see you there.